Karter Zaher is a Canadian-Muslim musician, activist, and community builder who has made a significant impact with his music and passionate advocacy. He founded Deen Squad, a trailblazing Hip-Hop Duo that blends Islamic messages into Mainstream music. KZ is widely known for his thought-provoking lyrics, challenging young audiences to think critically about society’s flaws.


Zaher is also the founder of Muzzy and Hijabi Queens, a parent organization that provides creative resources for Muslim youth to learn, connect with their faith and find their confidence in North America. His work with Deen Squad has earned him worldwide recognition as a powerful voice for social justice, and he has toured the world, sharing his message with audiences of all cultures and ethnicities. As a household name, Karter Zaher’s music and passionate advocacy continues to encourage countless individuals to take action and make a difference in their communities.


Reached over 200 Million Views On Youtube

Opened up for Justin Bieber on the Purpose Tour

Headlined Canada’s 150th Year Celebration in Toronto

“I’m So Hungry” Surpassed 1 Million Tik-Tok Videos

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